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Eastern Territory, USA

Salvationist Star Search Talent Display

June 11, 2016
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Hershey Lodge
325 University Drive
Hershey, PA 17033


Star Search Guidelines Summary
Individual Guidelines are now listed below for each category


2016 Test Pieces

Right-click on the links and click "Save Target As..." to save to your computer, where available.

Brass Soloist Guidelines
Level 1 We Gather Together (Miller) #4

Star Search Series
Brass Instrumental Solos


Level 2 Take My Life (arr. Burgmayer)


Level 3 Do Remember Me (arr. Bulla) #12
Level 4 Prelude and Scherzo on "Leaning" (Barrington) #16
Vocal Soloist Guidelines
Level 1 "Walk in the Light" (Whitehouse) #2

Star Search Series
Vocal Solos

Also available from your Corps Officer or Divisional Music Director
Level 2 Pilgrim Song (Bulla) #6
    Accompaniment Low Voice MP3
    (Corrects error on accomp CD. Right-click "Save Target As..." to download.)
Level 3 The Gift of Love (Holz) #10
Level 4 Child-Soul (Gates) #14
Piano Soloist Guidelines
Level 1 Wondrous Cross (arr. Burgmayer) Encore! #2 Encore!
A Progressive Collection of Solos for Piano
Level 2 Jesus Is All I Need (arr. Larsson) Encore! #19
Level 3 Love Lifted Me (Post) Musical Offerings 4 pg. 8 Musical Offerings 4
Level 4 Little Children (arr. Post) Musical Offerings 4 pg. 30
Drama Monologue Guidelines
Level 1 "Psalm 23"   Download
Level 2 "Wear the Full Armor of God"  


Level 3 "Matthew 6:19-21"   Download
Level 4 "Psalm 103"  


Drama Troupe Guidelines
Level A "The Story of the Seeds"   Download
Level B "I AM"


Singing Company Guidelines
  I'm the Child of a King (Whitehouse) Children's Praise Volume 13, pg. 18 Music
Accompaniment MP3
Demo MP3
Youth Chorus Guidelines
  A Divine Purpose (Ballantine) Sing Praise Volume 5, pg. 5 Music
Accompaniment MP3
Demo MP3
Corps Youth Band Guidelines
  Rise and Shine! (Sharman) First Things First (Volume 1), #11

First Things First Order Page

Snare Drum Guidelines
Level 1 Rudiments and "Fairest Lord Jesus" (Boynton)   Download
Demo MP3
Level 2 Rudiments and "Crown Him Lord of All" (Boynton)   Download
Demo MP3
Level 3 Rudiments and "Solid Rock" (Boynton)   Download
Demo MP3
Level 4 Rudiments and "Joyful!" (Boynton)   Download
Demo MP3
Timbrel Brigade Guidelines
Level A Fighting for the Lord (Soderstrom)

NYSB - Fighting for the Lord, Track 2

Required Moves Demonstration Video

New York Staff Band
Fighting for the Lord
TRCD 1103

iTunes - Fighting for the Lord

Amazon - Fighting for the Lord

Level B Crown of Conquest (Steadman-Allen) NYSB - Fighting for the Lord, Track 11
Dance Solo Guidelines
Tracks available via:
Level 1 Make Me More (feat. Amber Bullock) Kenneth Mosley Presents In His Service
#4 - 3:16

iTunes - Make Me More (feat. Amber Bullock)

Amazon - Make Me More (feat. Amber Bullock)
Level 2 Through All of It Colton Dixon - WOW Hits 2016 Deluxe Edition
CD 2 #11 - 3:25
iTunes - Through All of It
Amazon - Through All of It
Level 3 Breathe The Brilliance (single) - 3:38 iTunes - Breathe
Amazon - Breathe
Level 4 Find Your Way KB - Tomorrow We Live #14 - 3:49 iTunes - Bonus: Find Your Way
Amazon - Bonus: Find Your Way
Dance Troupe Guidelines
Tracks available via:
Level A Go Hard Dre Da Flame - The Rebirth
#2 - 3:13
iTunes - Go Hard
Amazon - Go Hard
Level B As Sure as the Sun Ellie Holcomb - As Sure as the Sun
#1 - 3:23
iTunes - As Sure as the Sun
Amazon - As Sure as the Sun
Acoustic Guitar Guidelines
Level 1 Holy Spirit   Music
  Accompaniment MP3
  Demo MP3
Level 2 This Is Amazing Grace   Music
  Accompaniment MP3
  Demo MP3
Level 3 Build Your Kingdom Here   Music
  Accompaniment MP3
  Demo MP3
Level 4 Amen (Because He Lives)   Music
  Accompaniment MP3
  Demo MP3


Star Search Award Winners

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