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The Philip Smith Signature Series - SALE

The Salvation Army has a long and distinguished history of producing excellent brass players. From Sydney to London, Chicago to New York, Salvationist musicians can be found in the brass sections of leading orchestras throughout the world. One of the finest players ever to first buzz a mouthpiece in The Salvation Army band program is Philip Smith. Introduced to the cornet by his father, the legendary cornet soloist and bandmaster, Derek Smith, Philip built his musical foundation through Savation Army band and music camp program, then refined his skills at New York's prestigious Julliard School of Music.

The Philip Smith Signature Series features music performed by Philip with the New York Staff Band of The Salvation Army on the critically acclaimed recording My Song of Songs. It is our hope that this music will bring pleasure and blessing to performers and listeners alike.

Sold as individual titles with full brass band accompaniment as well as a compilation book with piano accompaniment. The texts below are taken from the program notes of My Song of Songs, written by Philip Smith.

  Full Score (1)
Soloist (1)
Soprano Eb (1)
Solo Cornet (4)
1st Cornet (2)
2nd Cornet (2)
Flugelhorn Bb (1)
Solo Horn Eb (1)
1st Horn Eb (1)
2nd Horn Eb (1)
1st Baritone Bb (1)
2nd Baritone Bb (1)
1st Trombone Bb (1)
2nd Trombone Bb (1)
Bass Trombone (1)
Euphonium Bb (2)
Bass Eb (2)
Bass Bb (2)
Percussion (2)
Georgian Song (Balakireff, arr. Ralph Pearce)   *SALE* $19.98
This lovely little recital piece for trumpet players is heard here for the first time as a solo with brass band accompaniment. My hope is that it will bring kids who play it in recitals into the album, then into the album's message. I enjoy the gypsy rhythm and lyricism of this little gem.
Joshua Swings the Battle (Stephen Bulla) $39.95
  The spiritual 'Joshua' is an old Sunday school song with a bit of flair and flavor. It's also a victory song. The King's Brass, a contemporary Christian brass group, included this swing version on one of their recordings. It was a rendition I enjoyed immensely. When I discovered that Steve had been involved with the original piano and trumpet arrangement, I asked him to adapt it further for brass band. Steve is the Staff Arranger for the United States Marine Band in Washington, D.C.
My Song of Songs (Joseph Turrin)  
A Gaelic Blessing (Mark Freeh)
*SALE* $19.98

I was tuned into "My Song of Songs" for several reasons. My dad mentioned it some time ago. Johnny Hallett dedicated it to "my esteemed friend, Erik Leidzen," a beloved writer of Salvation Army music and a professional composer. I love the words too. After all, what more can I say as a professional musician than that "He fills my life with joyous melody." And spiritually, my desire is that Christ will always be my song of songs.

Throughout the recording session, my dad served as my tonemeister. He sat in the booth and listened to what was going on. It was a great experience to have him there, being my ears and encouragement as he has always been. He conducted this beautiful Gaelic melody, "A Gaelic Blessing", that ends on a message of hope:

May the roads rise with you,
and the winds be always at your back;
And may the Lord hold you,
In the hollow of His Hand, In the hollow of His hand.

Only One Intention (Ray Steadman-Allen)  
Blessed Lord (Lloyd Scott)
*SALE* $24.98
This song from the 1890's, "Only One Intention", is a tie to my own musical heritage. Years ago, my dad asked Lt.-Colonel Ray Steadman-Allen to write a cornet and piano arrangementfor a solo tour of Australia. When he first played the melody, Dad recalled that his father often played this on his euphonium at the Hendon Corps in England. The memory was powerful and the song touched him deeply. As I was going through Dad's files, I found Colonel Steadman-Allen's original manuscript of this piece. This new arrangement was written especially for this album.
Standing on the Promises (Douglas Court) $39.95
  While many old songs and solos were chosen for this album, I also wanted to do some new things. I wanted to include this song, based on themes that are necessary in my life. The tune itself is such a simple little ditty, but I love the words. They're so absolutely true. We've got to stand on God's promises and that's the basis of all that we do.

Doug Court is a young Salvation Army composers and a friend. Many of his arrangements are simple and basic but beautiful and right to the point. I asked him to do this in a Latin beat, something that would be fun and that brought in the flugel horn. It starts with the flugel horn and ends with the trumpet. The result is really nice.

The Philip Smith Signature Series $29.95
  7 solos for Bb Trumpet or Bb Cornet with piano accompaniment  

This trumpet/cornet solo compilation includes all the above titles in one book with piano accompaniment. A piano accompaniment bonus CD featuring the artistry of Kevin Norbury is also included as part of this publication.


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