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Musical Offerings
Musical Offerings have proven useful for church pianists looking for offertories and program pieces for worship based on fairly established hymns or gospel songs. In keeping with the Eastern Territory's desire to encourage young pianists, some of the pieces are quite easy. All of the pieces may be found useful on other various occasions when keyboard solos are wanted and it is hoped that these books will find a broad-based usage.
Musical Offerings 4 *NEW* $14.95
Twenty Offertories for Keyboard arranged by Vernon Post (read bio)  

Walking With My Savior (Warner)
Begin the Day with God! (Ball)
He Giveth More Grace (Mitchell)
Jesus, Lily of the Valley
Love Lifted Me (Smith)
My Father's World
Christmas Celebration
He Lives (Ackley)
Our Father's Mercy
Thank You Jesus (Hallett)
Three Welsh Tunes
Two Lullabies
Savior Like a Shepherd (Bradbury)
In the Presence
Little Children (Root)
Immanuel's Tide (Booth-Clibborn)
Sweeter as the Years Go By (Morris)
Speak, My Lord (Bennard)
Sunshine (Nuttall)
Higher Ground (Gabriel)

Musical Offerings 3 $9.95
Ten Offertories and Two Concert Pieces for Keyboard  

My Soul Is Now United (arr. Dorothy Gates)
Teach Me How to Love Thee (arr. Stanley Ditmer)
'Tis So Sweet (Kirkpatrick, arr. Holly Ruthberg)
There's Something about that Name (Gaither, arr. Dorothy Gates)
He Hideth My Soul (Kirkpatrick, arr. Dorothy Gates)
Seek Ye First (Lafferty, arr. Thomas Mack)
Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart (Atkinson, arr. Harold Burgmayer)
Draw Me Nearer (Doane, arr. Stephen Bulla)
Zulu Air (arr. Kevin Norbury)
Here at the Cross (Coles, arr. Karen Krinjak)
Randolph (Vaughan-Williams, arr. Kevin Norbury)
Humoresque (Kevin Norbury)

Musical Offerings 2 $7.50
Ten Offertories for Keyboard  
  1. Hosanna (Kocher, arr. Nathan Farrell)
  2. Lord, With My All I Part (Edwards, arr. Stanley Ditmer)
  3. A Miracle (Larsson, arr. Hollie Ruthberg)
  4. Prelude on Rimington (Duckworth, arr. Stephen Bulla)  
  5. Mid-Winter (Holst, arr. Thomas Mack)
  6. How Sweet the Name (Howard, arr. Graeme Press)
  7. When the Mists Have Rolled Away (Sankey, arr. Ray Bowes)
  8. Arizona (Earnshaw, arr. Noel Jones)
  9. Send the Fire! (Booth-Tucker, arr. Karen Krinjak)
  10. Just as I Am (Heaton, trs. Robert Getz)
Musical Offerings $11.00
Twenty Offertories for Keyboard  
  1. Seek Ye First (Lafferty, arr. William Himes)
  2. Quem Pastores Laudavere (arr. June Collin)
  3. Trefaenan (arr. June Collin)
  4. I Bring My Heart to Jesus (Warner, arr. Michael Kenyon)
  5. Children of Jerusalem (arr. Michael Kenyon)
  6. Yield not to Temptation (Palmer, arr. Ray Bowes)
  7. Blest Are the Pure in Heart (arr. June Collin)
  8. Long, Long Ago (Bayly, arr. Ray Steadman-Allen)
  9. Wonderful Words of Life (Bliss, arr. Michael Kenyon)
  10. Just As I Am (Bradbury, arr. Karen Krinjak)
  11. Slater (Slater, arr. Ivor Bosanko)
  12. Within My Heart a Melody (Bridges, arr. Hollie Ruthberg)
  13. Armadale (Skinner, arr. Ivor Bosanko)
  14. Wondrous Cross (Mason, arr. Stephen Bulla)
  15. Old Hundredth (Brian Bowen)
  16. Songs About Jesus (arr. Fred W. Harding)
  17. Showers of Blessing (McGranahan, arr. Stephen Bulla)
  18. Someone Cares (Larsson, arr. Ivor Bosanko)
  19. What a Friend (Converse, arr. Leonard Ballantine)
  20. An Infant's Lullaby (arr. Peter Graham)
Musical Offerings $11.95

Musical Offerings is a double CD featuring 13 Eastern Territory Salvationist pianists performing the Offerings for Keyboard from Musical Offerings books 1, 2 and 3. Individuals can benefit by listening at home or on a journey to the songs that have inspired our souls and spirits. Worship can be enhanced by using them as prelude, offertory, or meditation music. To the keyboard student and performer, the CDs can give an aural model of the flow and interpretation of the music. It is the hope of the producers that not only will these CDs inspire young and old to play the piano to the honor and glory of God, but that they will also speak to the hearts of players and listeners alike of God's majesty, mercy and grace.



USA Eastern Territory Music Publications

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